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At Premier Eyecare Associates we put your child’s eyes first. Not only do we love treating children, but we also have years of experience in pediatric eye care. Our eye doctors know exactly what to look for and how to treat your child’s vision issues, so they can always see the world clearly and comfortably!

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Why Are Children’s Eye Exams Important?

Children’s developing eyes are particularly vulnerable to certain eye conditions, like myopia (nearsightedness), amblyopia (lazy eye), and strabismus (crossed eyes). As your child grows, it’s important to get them in for specialized eye exams to properly assess how their eyes are changing and spot the presence of these conditions early. It’s the best and easiest way to make sure their eyesight is never an obstacle to their success or happiness.

Pediatric Eye Exams vs. Vision Screenings

Our children’s eye exams provide a deeper and more complete look into their eye and vision health, beyond what the basic vision screens they get in school can catch. Many issues are not picked up by vision screenings alone because their main focus is the vision prescription. Our comprehensive pediatric eye exams thoroughly check your child’s eyes for these more advanced concerns, ensuring their overall eye health.
Eye Exam

Our Pediatric Optometrists

Not only do our children’s optometrists have special training and a breadth of experience working with kids, but most are also parents themselves! That means they know exactly what it takes to treat your child’s unique eyes and any conditions they may have with compassion and care. We want to make your family feel like a part of ours, by giving you peace of mind that your child has the clearest vision and healthiest eyes.

Meet Our Optometrists

Why Choose Premier Eyecare Associates for Your Child’s Vision?

We love working with little ones and helping them discover a clearer view of the world — and helping them find out that eye doctors aren’t so scary after all! We make sure to be attentive to their needs and talk to them in a manner they understand so they know how important, and cool, eye care can be. Our entire staff strives to create a positive, welcoming environment where your child receives top-tier care with technology that keeps them comfortable.

Our Child-Friendly Technology & Eyewear

We know seeing the eye doctor, especially for the first time, can make kids feel uncertain: after all, they don’t know what to expect. Every aspect of your child’s visit has been designed to be positive and engaging, so they get the most out of their experience. Our practice boasts advanced, child-friendly technology for diagnosing age-specific conditions with comfort and ease. And when it’s time to choose eyewear, you can be sure they have tons of fun, colorful options to choose from that you know they’ll love to wear!

Our Child-Friendly Technology & Eyewear


“My daughter has birth defects in her eyes, and the staff here has taken such incredible care of her. They’ve really went above and beyond year after year. I cant recommend them enough!”


“Staff are great and they disinfect between clients”


“I started going to Premier Eyecare in Kirksville earlier this year and they have been fantastic. On two separate occasions they saw me after hours and on Sundays because of eye issues I was having. They go above and beyond for their clients and I couldn’t ask for a better eye care team!”


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