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Vision plays an important element in productivity.  Problem solving and task completion is severely limited without clear vision. Squinting is often the first sign if there is a problem. Squinting can be caused by astigmatism, presbyopia and far-sightedness. If these problems are left uncorrected, habitual squinting puts stress on the eyes and often results in a headache that causes the task at hand to be delayed.

Adults who have never had vision problems may notice between the ages of 41 to 60 a normal change in the eye's focusing ability called presbyopia that may become progressively worse over time.

Many vision problems can be corrected which helps the vitality of this community. If vision problems are left uncorrected, adult productivity and involvement in activities changes which can change a community.  According to National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) report, vision is tied to the health of this nation. The report estimated 142 million Americans over age 40 experience vision problems. Between 8.2 and 15.9 million people have a correctable visual disability that could be fixed with glasses or contacts.

Young children need an eye exam to ensure they do not have a problem that could lead to scholastic failure. Adults need eye exams to stay successful in the workforce, to reduce mistakes, work without headaches, and safely drive and operate equipment.  Annual eye exams are important to your job.

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