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Reading Starts with Seeing

In preparing for the new school year, schedule a back to school eye exam for each child. Undetected vision problems can interfere with reading and overall learning ability. A child that may not like to read may be struggling to see. During the crucial developmental years (before age 9), the eyes are still developing and many underlying problems can go unnoticed. What a child thinks is normal vision may not be as clear as it could be with glasses. Ensuring a child can see the board and other visual teaching material is crucial to maximize their learning potential. Eye teaming, or tracking, is essential for reading and for sports and activities. Good binocular vision and depth perception tests make sure the child is using both eyes together and lessens the chance for developing a “lazy” eye. Other tests performed during an eye exam assess the overall health of the eyes. Vision screenings may leave some vision problems undetected. Begin Kindergarten with a comprehensive eye exam and then continue every year if they have glasses or every two years to continue checking for healthy vision. Vision and state insurance will pay for annual child eye exams or Premier EyeCare has family budget prices for children 12 and under throughout the year.

Is There Anything I Can do to Stop Getting More Nearsighted?

Posted: 23 Jul 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Given the variety of potential intervention and their mild effects, which options should a parent take in regard to their children? Learn about some of the things that have been tried over the years and about what one doctor would recommend...Click article title to see full version and to share!

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