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What are Eye Floaters?

Cobwebs, black or grey specks, or strings that appear in your vision and move with your eye are commonly called floaters. These specks are in fact shadows cast by small, cloudy particles in the vitreous fluid that fills your inner eye. Even though they can be quite noticeable in your vision — especially when looking at plain surfaces like clear blue skies or white walls — most floaters aren’t anything to worry about.

Premier Eyecare Associates floaters common causes

Common Causes of Floaters

Eye floaters’ causes can vary, but mainly occur because as we age, the vitreous fluid in your eye can shrink. This leads to tiny fibers forming in your vitreous that cast a shadow on your eye’s retina, which is the reason you can never truly focus on a floater.

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When Should I Be Concerned About Floaters?

Most of the time, floaters aren’t cause for alarm and are a natural part of getting older. However, if you start seeing a sudden onset or increase in the number of floaters in your vision, it could signal more serious concerns. As the vitreous shrinks, it can pull on your retina, which can lead to issues like potentially damaging, tearing, or separating the retina. If you rapidly begin to see a lot of floaters, visit us right away!

Premier Eyecare Associates about floaters

Worried About Floaters? Premier Eyecare Associates Has You Covered!

If you’ve had your vision significantly impaired by eye floaters, we’re here to help clear it up. We use cutting-edge technology to check your eye and any floaters to determine their severity, and then personalize an eye floaters treatment plan to address your specific needs. Don’t leave your sight obstructed — schedule a visit with us today!


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