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Our team at Premier Eyecare Associates always wants to help patients see and look their best, and we offer incredible options for patients who prefer contact lenses to do so. From contact lens exams and fittings to specialty lenses, we’re proud to be Missouri’s source for contact lenses!

Enriching Lives through Vision

Contact Lens Exams And Fittings

Contact Lens Exams And Fittings

Contact lenses require both a precise vision prescription and a great fit to provide clear eyesight. Our doctors will learn about you and your lifestyle to help find you the best contact lenses for your vision needs, and work to ensure they’re tailored to your eyes.


The Importance of Properly Fitting Contact Lenses

If your contact lenses don’t fit your eyes correctly, you’re not going to see things as well as you should! That’s why our doctors take the time to ensure your lenses aren’t uncomfortable or loose fitting, which can potentially injure parts of your eye, leaving you more at risk for a possible bacterial infection. Our caring and considerate team will work to make sure you’re happy with your vision while seeing clearly — and comfortably.

Properly Fitting Contact Lenses

 Types of Lenses

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are available in many options for single focus, astigmatism, and bifocal use that may be used for a week or longer. Advances in technology have made daily disposable contact lenses the most common form of soft contact lens on the market today.

Woman putting on soft contact lenses

Scleral Lenses

A perfect option for patients who have sensitive corneas or corneal conditions such as keratoconus are scleral lenses. They are much larger than typical contact lenses and they arc over the cornea, only touching the eye’s sclera, known as the “white” of your eye. These contacts also can relieve some dry eye symptoms, as the back surface of the lens acts as a fluid reservoir to keep your eyes hydrated.

Scleral Lenses from Premier Eyecare Associates

Order Your Contact Lenses Online

Discover the ease and convenience of ordering your contact lenses, dry eye products, and more from the comfort of your own home. You can now enjoy a hassle-free way to maintain your eye health and vision needs, all at your fingertips. Order today!


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“Best eye care center! My kids and I have always had the best service! They have always been great to fix my kids’ glasses and appointments are scheduled within a decent time frame, meaning we don’t have to wait half a year to be seen! They are great at working with us and getting us in as quickly as possible! Highly recommend them! Friendly staff and great providers!”


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At Premier Eyecare Associates, we don’t simply work in your community, we’re members of it too, and we want everyone to see as clearly as possible. We’re passionate about enriching the lives of our neighbors through enhanced vision and comfortably fitting contact lenses.

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