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Does Your Child Have Grade-A Eyesight?

Your child’s vision can change a lot over a year. And these days, that’s not just because their myopia (nearsightedness) progresses, or they develop age-specific conditions like amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (crossed eyes).

No, it’s also because the way kids learn — and view their education — is changing. More lessons take place on computer screens, which pump out problematic “blue light” that increases the risk of dry eye, eye strain, headaches, and more.

If you’re at all unsure if your child is ready to keep up in class, on the field, or even while making friends, don’t take the risk: schedule a pediatric eye exam!

Pediatric Eye Exams Make All the Difference. Here’s Why:

There’s much more to pediatric eye exams than a precise vision prescription. (Though, we find that too!) These annual check-ups are the single best way to stay ahead of potential vision conditions.

If your child needs glasses or contacts, we correct and help manage their eyesight. If we see any signs of eye disease, we put together a treatment plan that fits their needs and busy schedule.

Eye exams are always valuable — but child-specific eye exams can find things adult exams won’t.

School, Sports, & Socializing
All Improve with Clear Vision.
Set Your Child Up for Success Today!


Super friendly and professional staff. Very thorough exam. Dr. Sloan is excellent! Very helpful staff when picking out glasses which is a plus for me since I can’t make a decision on my own!!!!!! I’ve been coming here for years and won’t go anywhere else!!!! 

Susan W.

Premiere eyecare was amazing, they were so nice, and the best part was they didn’t shoot air into my eye (for that test) they have a eyedrop they use. My glasses came in about 15 days. Great, professional, service that I’d recommend, to a friend. 

Nina H.

This office is always a pleasure to visit. The personnel are always friendly and helpful. They always have YOUR best interests in mind! The office is clean and well taken care of. I look forward to each visit! 

Henrietta C.

I experienced a personal & professional fitting for my new frames! Also had great advice on how & what to expect with my new prescription. Thank you to everyone who assisted in this very positive experience! 

Ruth H.

My three children and I have been going to Doctor Brodmerkle for a few years, and I am always happy to see them. The staff are always very helpful and personable. They answer my 8-year-old’s endless questions about their fish with a smile.

Linda S.

Why Parents Love Premier Eyecare Associates

At Premier Eyecare Associates, our friendly pediatric team enjoys getting to know their patients and their unique needs to deliver personalized care. Using child-friendly, state-of-the-art technology, our experienced doctors will ensure your child is completely comfortable while checking their eyes. We’ll also help them choose from our great selection of stylish eyewear. We’re even offering special pricing on kids’ eyewear to ensure every child returns to school feeling confident and ready to learn!
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