Meet our Staff

Trenton Staff

Front Row:  Christy, Kayle, and Amy

Back Row:  Kim E., Pam, Shaylee, Joy, and Kassie

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Chillicothe Staff

Front Row:  Stephanie D, Tammy, Susie, Kayle, and Breanna

Back Row:  Rhonda, Kim E.  Adrienne, Stephanie B, Nicole, Lori, and Arieal

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Brookfield Staff

Front Row: Lisa, Joanna, and Megan

Back Row:  Arieal, Caitlin, June, Sydney, and Felica


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Carrollton Staff

Kim, Vallera, Linda







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Emergency Care

phoneOur doctors are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week. Contact us at the closest location for the emergency numbers.

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Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Brodmerkle, Dr. Harris, Dr. Poston, Dr. Sloan and Dr. Thompson

Our doctors exceed the annual required continuing education to provide the best services for all of your eyecare needs including exam services and a great selection of frames.

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